Antennagate: Apple avoids the problem and loses in 5 moves

Everyone should know, by now. The latest Apple creation, the astonishing new iPhone 4, has some really big issues. The main is certainly the so called "death-grip": depending on how you hold the phone, it eventually loses signal and drops calls. As Apple said, "X marks the spot", the spot being the little gap between two external antennas on the outer edge of the new iPhone.

I will try to demonstrate that Apple is avoiding the problem giving void answer and trying to pilot the customers' and press opinion towards wrong concepts.

I will not post here the (really) many video demonstrating how you can make calls drop just using one finger, but I suggest you to search for them on YouTube. This is what actually happens: if you short-circuit the two antennas using your hand (or finger) the antenna reception gets weaker, signal drops from 5 or 4 bars to 1 or 0, and eventually the call drops.
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